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In the coming years , the Gen Z are graduating college and entering the workforce ,their habits will play an outsized role in shaping American culture and commerce.These are the brands that have set an example for winning over America’s youngest adults.

25 Most Loved Brands

Gen Z’s Most Loved Brands illustrate the distinctiveness of their consumer tastes, with tech, entertainment, and foods brands outperforming other categories. Only Gen Z adults (age 18-21) are included in this ranking. To determine this year’s rankings, MC measured favorability, trust, community impact, and Net Promoter Score.

Most Loved by Gender and Race


Other Brands


About the data in this ranking:

The final rankings were determined using surveys conducted online among a national sample of adults aged 18-21.

How this ranking was determined:

  • Favorability Score: The percentage of consumers with a favorable opinion of the brand.

  • Trust Score: The percentage of consumers who trust the brand to do the right thing.

  • Community Impact Score: The percentage of consumers who say the brand has a positive impact on their local community.

  • Net Promoter Score: Consumers are asked on a scale of 1-10 how likely they would be to promote a given brand. The NPS is determined by subtracting the percentage who said 0-6 from the percentage who said 9 or 10.

Each one of these numbers was added together in order to determine the index score. For example, take Google’s score among Gen Z women.

  • 88.4% have a favorable opinion
  • 75.0% say Google has a positive community impact
  • 74.5% trust Google
  • 71.3 is the Net Promoter Score for Google
  • 88.4 + 75 + 74.5 + 71.3 = 308.2 (their index score)

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